Geography - Khyber's Strand

Khyber’s Strand – City of Intrigue

Khyber’s Strand is a colony established nearly sixty years ago. The coastal area was discovered by a Gorim explorer who found a rare place of calm in the raging Azuremyre Sea. A fort was established and colonists arrived from Emberhold. Many of the colonists were from various men and women who did not manifest dragon marks or simply wanted a better life elsewhere.

KS grew as the years passed. Eventually a man appeared calling himself, “The Son of the Dragon”. He spoke of how the Draconic Prophet was a false prophet. The dragon’s son had drank of the divine blood and spoke with the dragon’s own voice. Every man who heard him felt compelled to obey him. Thus the first Dragon Cult was born.

The Dragon marked houses heard of KS’s apostasy and took steps to curtail it. Thus began the first Great March. A declaration from the High Temple was distributed from Emberhold to the farthest reaches of Gorim’s territory. The worshipers of the Dragonchild were heretics and a danger to all good folk. An army of zealots were formed. Each house donated troops to the invasion. Soon a Gorimar army surrounded KS. The city was razed and the cult scattered.

The Dragon’s Son fled but was eventually caught and burned at the stake. They say the ashes from his funeral pyre cast a permanent gloom over KS.

House Zamora of the Dragonmarked Houses contributed the most to the invasion and they argued that they should take control of the wayward town. The other Houses had suffered greatly during the battle and were reluctant to relinquish control of the new city. In the end it was the word of the Draconic Prophet which allowed House Zamora to lay claim to the dark city. There were whispers of back room deals and corruption within the church hierarchy but nothing could be proven.

Today a permanent gloom has settled over the city. When night falls strange creatures emerge and drag the unwary into a terrible fate. Torches are kept burning day and night and the faithful cry out to the Great Dragon to protect them.

Geography - Khyber's Strand

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