History - Gorim - Homelands

Gorim – The Realm of the Dragon

In the crystal cities of Gorim a civil war had raged for generations. It was a bleak realm that had nearly lost itself in a great war.

It’s exodus, unlike Torog’s or Valinor’s, was gradual and occurred in secret. The general populace never knew the cataclysm was coming. For nearly a century people from all over Gorim had disappeared. Sometimes they would disappear after a great shadow had passed by and the thunderous beat of wings.

Other times they disappeared without warning or had left cryptic notes. The great war had began and carried on in one capacity or another so few people noticed the disappearances. The greatest minds of the age had been dedicated to winning the war. In the end, no one in Gorim were aware of the titanic wave that swept through the astral sea to wipe the realm from all of creation.

Gorim’s survivors are a broad selection of beings from across the realm. Pauper and prince, hero and villain, at first there seemed to be no connection. That is until later on as the first generation was born. Strange marks appeared upon their skins. Gorim’s benefactor remains a mystery. The survivors are in agreement that a great dragon had abducted them from their former lives but it has never deigned to speak to the survivors directly.

A man rose up calling himself the prophet of the dragon and that he speaks with the authority of the mighty wyrm. Many of Gorim’s folk revere the dragon as their divine saviour and cast aside their old gods.

History - Gorim - Homelands

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